ETX Congressman reacts to Franken's resignation, embassy move

ETX Congressman reacts to Franken's resignation, embassy move

(KLTV) - Numerous government officials are currently facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

On Thursday, United States Senator Al Franken announced his resignation because of them.

U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, who represents East Texas says, sexual assault is an issue he's taken a strong stand against since serving as a judge in Tyler.

"When it comes to abuse of another gender, I was zero tolerance on that," says Gohmert.

After Senator Franken announced his resignation on Thursday following the allegations that he touched women inappropriately, Gohmert said it was the right call.

"When you're in a photograph and you're caught red handed in such an inappropriate action such as in his case, [resignation] could very well be appropriate," says Gohmert.

However, Gohmert referred to Franken's mention of Alabama State Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is also facing allegations of sexual misconduct, as out of line.

"Al Franken basically condemned Roy Moore," says Gohmert. "Moore has not been convicted of anything."

With the number of allegations throughout Washington, the congressman added that it's important that fellow lawmakers take them seriously; however, he said that jumping to conclusions would just cause further problems.

"It is important to give people due process so that simply the making of an allegation doesn't make it true," says Gohmert. "But, when an allegation has had due process and it turns out true, then there should be a no-nonsense, no exceptions, and appropriate punishment."

A temporary replacement will be appointed to Franken's seat in the Senate until a special election in November 2018.

Gohmert also commented on President Trump's recent announcement that the U.S. will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

"I am grateful that the United States is the first country to recognize Israel's right to select its own capital, and that's Jerusalem," says Gohmert.

The decision sparked protests in the area and was met with opposition from world leaders. However, Gohmert says, it was a good example set by the United States.

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