British mom charging family for Christmas dinner

British mom charging family for Christmas dinner

(KLTV) - A woman in Britain says she will be charging her family for Christmas dinner this year, and it's taken Twitter by storm.

Mother of four Gemma Andrews says she has her reasons for charging her family 30 pounds, or $40 U.S. dollars, this Christmas.  Andrews recently went on the British television show This Morning to discuss why she plans to do things a little differently this year.

Andrews told This Morning that the expense of food has gone up. Her children have grown up so the price of alcohol has also increased. She's also charging for the time she spends in the kitchen cooking the expensive meal for everyone to enjoy.

Andrews did tell the hosts of the show that every dollar she gets will go to the food and also a present under the tree for every guest.

During the interview, Andrews said she prefers to act as chef because she can control the dishes according to her son's severe food allergies.

After a clip of the show was posted to Twitter, viewers weighed in on what they thought about Andrews and her decision to charge for the holiday dinner.

Andrews added in her interview that none of her family or friends had an issue with the charge. Would you?

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