Proud of East Texas: Mary McNicol

Proud of East Texas: Mary McNicol

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Mary McNicol, a resident at Tyler's Meadowlake Assisted Living, was 76 when she began creating her Heavenly Blessings.

The blessings are beautiful ethereal crosses in a variety of settings, colors, and materials.

"That's the main thing I would like to encourage people to the fact that it's things you can do. Find talent that the Lord gives you that maybe you haven't used all your life."

Mary's earlier life was very different from the artistic life she now lives.

"I worked for doctors for 55 years. Been an administrator and in Phoenix for about 20 years and then came back to Dallas and worked for Blue Cross and Blue Shield in management."

Four children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren also left Mary little time for artistic pursuits, until recently. During a time spent in Canada, Mary noticed how difficult crosses were to find, so on a trip back to Tyler, she bought a group of crosses and began to embellish them, soon everyone who saw her crosses wanted them.

And so...Heavenly Blessings was born.

"I don't make any two alike. It's all got to be original."

Mary often buys crosses and puts them away until just the right person for just the right cross comes along.

"It surprises me sometimes me sometimes. I come up with things I look at it and think how in the world did I do that?"

Mary seems to come up with endless combinations of textures and colors.

"I found the most important part of it is the background and its picking the right colors, the right textures to bring the cross out from the frame so when you're looking at it you're looking at the cross."

Mary is often asked where her inspiration comes from and without hesitation, she says it comes from the Lord.

"I can't even tell you the peace, the joy, it's so it's something I can give and I can show."

Mary has named her crosses Heavenly Blessings because while her crosses are blessings to others, she is being blessed as well.

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