Discovery Is Home

After 14 days in space, Space Shuttle Discovery landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, the primary back up site to the Kennedy Space Center.

But despite Discovery's successes, NASA will now focus less on what went right on this mission, and more on what went wrong. Two minutes after liftoff, pieces of foam broke from the shuttle's external fuel tank. NASA officials are trying to understand what mechanism caused a piece of foam to come off. It was a broken piece of foam on liftoff that struck space shuttle Columbia, which later disintegrated over East Texas during re-entry.

Now, with a repeat incident of falling foam, NASA officials say all future flights are on hold.

In other ways, Discovery delivered, hauling in 15 tons of supplies for the international space station. On spacewalks, the crew replaced and fixed the station's gyroscopes.

Astronaut Steve Robinson went under the shuttle's belly, pulling out two protuding gap fillers.

NASA engineers worried without a spacewalk, the gap fillers could cause overheating during discovery's return.

The astronauts aboard Discovery say they're glad to be home.