Couple witnesses man shooting into occupied car in north Longview

Couple witnesses man shooting into occupied car in north Longview

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A couple living in a normally quiet neighborhood were shocked to see a man firing a gun into a car right in front of their house.

It happened in the 100 block of Evergreen Street in Longview around 1:30.

Longview Police received the first call about reckless drivers who may have been racing at Pine Tree and Silver Falls roads. There were six more 911 calls as the vehicles made their way to Evergreen about a half mile away.

Kathy and Larry Awbrey were in their carport getting Christmas decorations out of their attic. Larry says he looked up as heard vehicles driving fast down their street.

"I saw both vehicles stop, speed up, turn around and a guy got out and started shooting," Larry said.

He said the driver of the blue SUV pointed a handgun at the dark gray or black hatchback car.

"He fired three times," Larry recalled.

He was looking at the shooter as it happened.

"The flashing of the gun, that's what got my attention. I heard the pop, pop, and I saw the flashing, and I couldn't tell which way it was pointed," Larry stated.

Kathy was looking that way too.

"I saw the flashing of the guns, yeah; one gun," she said.

It was then Larry decided it was time to take cover.

"By that time we were scrambling to get inside the house," Larry said.

They got inside without being fired on but Larry wanted to get a license plate number.

"Come to the front door, he had turned around across the street through the grass heading back the opposite direction. And he stopped again, got out and I shut the door. And he got back in and took off," Larry recalled.

The vehicles had fled in opposite directions. Police arrived and found two shell casing but little else.

The Awbreys had lived at the house for 25 years.

"That's the first time we've ever had something like this happen around here," Larry added.

And they both hope it will be the last.

After police left the scene I was walking back to the news car and I kicked a piece of metal in the street. It appeared to be a bullet fragment. I didn't touch it and called police. An officer returned and gathered what he thought was a bullet jacket as evidence.

Longview Police put out a BOLO or be on the lookout to White Oak Police and the Gregg County Sheriff's Department for a blue SUV, possibly a Rav 4, and a dark gray or black hatchback but they did not locate either of the vehicles.

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