'Make a Wish' helps ETX girl overcome her disability

'Make a Wish' helps ETX girl overcome her disability

An East Texas girl's wish has come true.

On Saturday, the Make a Wish Foundation gave a young girl from Palestine a gift that not only made her smile but, will improve her quality of life.

Three months ago Leah Allen, 7, was unable sit up straight, but with help from her friend Jesse, that's changed.

"As she began to ride she began to understand, said Jana Ewing-Syvrud, the founder of Jake Es Riding Roundup, where Leah takes therapy lessons. Her muscles began to strengthen that core began to strengthen and so, she began sitting up, its amazing to watch."

At a young age Leah was diagnosed with a rare form of Zellweger Spectrum Disorder leaving her blind, deaf, and unable to walk. 

"We do not know how long she will live but, we know that it is terminal, stated Candis Allen, her mother. After she made her five-year mark she was put in to make a wish."

Surrounded by loved one's Leahs wish came true. The Make a wish Foundation gifted her with a years worth of paid therapy lessons.

Not only will the therapy lessons at the horseback riding healing center allow her to spend more time with Jesse, but it may also help Leah reach her next goal.

The horse gait is identical to the human gait so when someone cannot walk they're not able to really use those muscles and those nerves in those areas, said Ewing-Syvrud. Whenever you put that person on a horse it actually works those muscles to facilitate that person to be able to walk."

The Make a Wish Foundation also gifted Leah with a large amount of riding gear including a new saddle, helmet, and riding boots.

Leahs mother describes the granted wish as monumental.

"It wasn't just Leahs wish it was the whole family's wish, stated Allen. You saw her out there on the horse the sky is the limit."

Now Leahs family hopes that each step she takes with Jesse will bring her one step closer to walking on her own.

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