Longview multiuse trails begin the interconnection

Longview multiuse trails begin the interconnection

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Another phase of Longview's multipurpose trail has begun construction, and with it, the city's planned 10-mile trail is closer to becoming reality.

Biking, walking and running are getting less dangerous in Longview. The recently completed George Richey Road extension offers four miles of bike lanes, which oddly enough ends straight across the street from Wooly G's Bike and Fitness. You can see it out the window.

Kelly Carroll with Wooley G's Bike and Fitness sells and rides bikes, and looks forward to the lengthening of Longview's multipurpose path.

"I think it's a great opportunity for the cyclist to have safer roads," Carroll said.

Karen Owen, Longview's Transportation Planning Manager says the sooner the better.

"Because our city does have sort of a deficit of sidewalks, we have a lot of citizens that will choose to walk on our trail systems to get from point A to point B," Owen explained.

And people will have some ways to avoid traffic with additional underpasses.

"At Judson Road, and also at McCann Road at this location," Owen said pointing to a map.

Those are Phases 2 and 3 of the expansion but will look something like the underpass already in place under H.G. Mosely Parkway. And that gets a lot of use.

"These projects are things that have had our community support, and have been in previous plans that have been previously adopted," Owen said.

"Phase 1 of the Guthrie Trail is currently under construction as shown by this dash line. Phase 2 is this blue, and phase three is the final blue," Owen said referring to a map of the project.

And Kelly Carroll at Wooly G's says as the multipurpose trails have brought an added surprise.

"We've seen a big increase, especially since the trails are getting a little bit longer and more open. We see a lot of cruiser style bicycles, and multipurpose bicycles," Carroll added.

The first phase linking the trails is expected to be complete in about a year. There will be projections about the next two phases completions in the coming months.

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