Parents notified of whooping cough diagnosis at Whitehouse ISD

Parents notified of whooping cough diagnosis at Whitehouse ISD

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Parents of students attending Cain Elementary in Whitehouse recently received a call-out from the school in regards to a recent diagnosis of a student with whooping cough. A letter was also posted to the school's website. Read below.

Whitehouse ISD:


We have recently learned that a student in your child's school has been diagnosed with Pertussis (Whooping Cough) during Thanksgiving break. While this student did not have any symptoms at school before the break, the decision was made to notify parents and guardians. 

Although most 
school age children have had the vaccine, there remains a small risk for contracting the virus. If contracted, vaccinated children normally have a less severe case of pertussis than a child that has not been vaccinated. 

The initial symptoms of this highly infectious virus are cold-like symptoms with a mild fever, runny nose, and cough. After 7-10 days, the cold-like symptoms begin to fade and the coughing becomes worse. As a result of inflammation and narrowed airways, the cough is a dry, hacking cough producing periods of uncontrollable coughing which makes breathing difficult for the child. It may take several weeks for your child to completely recover from Pertussis.

If you feel that your child has been in close contact with a person displaying the above symptoms, you should notify your family health care provider immediately. In addition, please notify your campus nurse of your child's condition.

If the symptoms are unclear or you need additional information, please contact the campus nurse. 


Rachel McEuen, BSN, RN

Cain Elementary

EDITORS NOTE: A previous story said a letter had been mailed to parents. According to Whitehouse ISD a letter was never sent in the mail. The administration alerted parents who had signed up for call-outs received the message via phone.

The same statement was also given by Principal Jonathan Campbell at Whitehouse High school and was emailed to parents as well as posted on the school's website.

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