Drivers Not Breaking Law, But Endangering Others In Broadway Construction

The ongoing construction on South Broadway has not just been frustrating, drivers are doing dangerous things to get around the new raised medians.

For now, it's all legal.

The traffic on Broadway is at it's worst. More cars, fewer lanes, hot temperatures, and frayed nerves.

"It's just annoying because [construction] makes a lot more traffic," one driver told us.

The new raised medians have, though, started another trend -- driver after driver whipping a U-turn.

Zuker Gill is working on the construction project: "I had three guys nearly get run over this morning trying to pour [concrete] turn islands."

With U-turns at the intersections, this is a major problem on South Broadway. You have someone waiting to turn, while someone else is wanting to make a right turn on red.

Many vehicles are feet from collision.

Sgt. Gary Rice, Tyler Police patrol sergeant: "They're not going to think you're coming because they're going to think you're making a left turn onto the street they're coming from."

And for now, Tx-DOT says U-turns will stay legal.

Larry Krantz is the department's public information officer in Tyler.

"As far as U-turns go we're asking the public to use caution," he says.

At the intersection of Rieck Rd. and Broadway, everyone's using their brakes and burning daylight and gas. It took some four light changes in rush hour just to turn left onto Rieck.

Krantz says there, relief will come when the project ends:

"There will be an effort to get the signals synched," Krantz says.

Though after, the intersection could still be slow. As for the workers, they're just trying to stay out of your way.

"[We] wear as much reflective gear as you can and stay quick on your feet," Gill says.

Tyler Police are asking drivers, if they make U-turns, to make them slowly. While they're legal right now, Sergeant Gary Rice says if a vehicle making a "U" hits one turning right on a red light, the one with the red light won't necessarily get the ticket. It will depend on where the vehicles are in relation to each other.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.