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Video doorbell spots porch package thief in Hollytree neighborhood

Hollytree Neighborhood (Source: KLTV) Hollytree Neighborhood (Source: KLTV)
(Source: Video doorbell footage) (Source: Video doorbell footage)
(Source: Video doorbell footage) (Source: Video doorbell footage)

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, two residents in the Hollytree neighborhood had packages stolen from their front doorstep. Now Tyler residents are warning others to protect their packages.

Resident Mandy Moore said she realized her packages were gone because of a notification from her Ring video doorbell. 

"On Saturday we were coming back from our Thanksgiving trip in New Mexico and we noticed when we were [in] Wichita Falls that we had somebody steal our packages off our porch at 2:46 a.m. We had video footage because of our Ring video doorbell," she said.

The surveillance footage from Moore's video doorbell shows the suspect walk up to the front door, grab the packages, and quickly run away. Moore said her doorbell has a motion sensor that activates when a person approaches. 

With the Ring doorbell, people can monitor their home through various outlets.  

"It'll send [the notification] through the ring; if you have Amazon Alexa, Echo it'll show through there or your I-pad," she said. 

Moore and her husband weren't expecting their packages to arrive until after their vacation. According to the police report filed, the items stolen were worth more than $900. 

"We weren't expecting them to come while we were gone and they came on Friday and we were just like okay we'll be back the next morning, so be it," she said. "One of them was a Christmas present for my stepdaughter; new bedding I had just ordered for her but the other package that we really needed was a special syringe for my stepson and now we've had to go back through the process of getting that sent to get him started on some medication."

This isn't the first time package thieves have targeted Hollytree residents. 

Moore said they knew this happened in previous years to other homeowners but they never expected it to happen to them. Now her family is planning to take extra precautions.  

"The next steps for us is stepping up security," she said.

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