Gregg Co. Sheriff's Office warns residents about new scams

Gregg Co. Sheriff's Office warns residents about new scams
The Gregg County Sheriff's Office has been receiving reports of scams in the area, one which involves people posing as law enforcement. Now, they are urging residents to be on the lookout.
"During this time of year, there are certain individuals looking for an easy way to make money,” says Corporal Joshua Tubb. “If they can prey on the good citizens of this county and not have to work for the money, then they're going to do it."
Tubb says recently two separate attempts were brought to the sheriff office's attention. One included someone contacting residents, posing as a Gregg County lieutenant.
"They are stating that you failed to appear for jury duty or federal jury duty,” says Tubb. “They tell people that if they do not immediately pay this fine, you are going to be arrested."
The scammer also set up a fake voice mail stating that callers had reached the Gregg County Sheriff’s office asking them to leave their contact information.
Tubb says this particular scam has been reported before in the past, however, a new scam attempt involving computers was recently reported to the department as well.
"They stated that they were an online security company who noticed that this person's confidential information was compromised due to a virus or spyware and they wanted to go in and fix that for them," says Tubb.
The scammer then asked for a copy of the person's driver's license and a $1,250 payment on an iTunes card.
"You're in shock or fear of either getting arrested or losing potential secure information,” says Tubb. “So, you proceed forward without taking the time to actually stop and think about what you're doing, that’s what these scammers are banking on."
Tubb says if a person feels like they may be getting scammed, they should do their own research before handing over any information.

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