Better East Texas: Neal McCoy protests protesters in latest song

(KLTV) - Country singer and East Texan Neal McCoy has always worked tirelessly to honor our servicemen and women by travels overseas with the USO tour and he has used Facebook to rally followers to join him for the Pledge of Allegiance live, every morning for nearly 700 days straight.

He hasn't been in your face about it, but every McCoy performance has a positive message of support for the troops and America.

Well, Neal recently released a new song that continues that support but does get in the face of those kneeling during the National Anthem. The title of the song is "Take A Knee, My ___" and you can probably fill in the last word.  The song has been played millions of times and continues to grow in popularity.

But along with that are the obvious and predictable haters who have criticized McCoy and the song title for being grammatically incorrect and questions the motives behind it by suggesting he is doing it just to make a buck. But Neal McCoy has sacrificed his time and energy, and yes, he is blessed with talent that has given him a pretty good life, but can you really criticize him for doing this?

It is refreshing to see this song grow as anthem protestors dwindle in number, because few have offered solutions, they only protest.  Where we need dialogue or action, let's make that happen, but continued empty protests will not affect change, but they will keep McCoy's song in the spotlight.

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