Better East Texas: Clash of the (NFL) titans

(KLTV) - Perhaps you remember a movie called Clash of the Titans.  It was a fantasy action movie with a plot that pitted men against kings and kings against gods.  Well a real-life clash of the titans is going on right now in the ownership ranks of the NFL.

The clash is over the potential contract extension of commissioner Roger Goodell and the titans are Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and other owners that Jones is on the outs with. Jones does not want Goodell to receive the extension without all the owner's approval.  Jones appears to be hot for a number of reasons including his frustration with the way Goodell handled the Zeke Elliott punishment,  but it has been reported that Jones wants to tie Goodell's salary tied to league performance.  Goodell is asking for $50 million in salary and a number of lifelong perks, so the money is not chump change.  But tying his compensation to league performance – regardless of the self-serving nature of Jones' motivation – is not a bad idea.

Most of us remember a time when the NFL stood for great sportsmanship, strong character and true role models.  With ratings suffering, it is easy to see that one cause may be the culture of the NFL and the commissioner sets the culture and it makes sense for him to have some skin in the game as opposed to a guarantee regardless of league performance.  Jerry Jones probably won't prevail but a shake up in the N-F-L has been needed for a long time.

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