Trial for man charged with criminally-negligent homicide in death of Haile Beasley begins

Trial for man charged with criminally-negligent homicide in death of Haile Beasley begins

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The trial began Tuesday for the man accused of causing a wreck which killed a young woman from Tyler.

James Fulton is charged with criminally negligent homicide after police say he drove head-on into a car in May of 2016. That car was driven by Haile Beasley, 20. She died at the scene from her injuries.

Brittani Henderson, a witness, saw the wreck occur and says she was the first to Haile's car. After realizing she was dead, Henderson says, "I really lost it" as she broke into tears.

Another witness, Kristin Woodard, was driving directly next to Beasley just before the crash and was able to move her car, avoiding a collision with Fulton herself. Today, she says she still carries guilt for surviving. "I did feel at fault. I feel like if I didn't move, it could have been me and she would still be here."

The court saw multiple graphic photos of the scene and watched segments of body camera video from Tyler Police Officer Donald Schick.

Officer Schick performed three field sobriety tests on Fulton after he admitted he had been drinking earlier in the night. Fulton passed all three tests and declined to give a voluntary blood alcohol test.

The photos and video of the scene were too graphic for many of Beasley's family and friends sitting in the court room.

The body camera video is hours long and towards the end, Fulton makes a revelation. "I saw a deer running on the side of the road." The defense is expected to delve into this more as the case continues.

The trial begins more than a year and a half after Haile Beasley's death. The jury will reconvene Wednesday.

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