ETX 7-year-old creates Christmas display to light up lives of others

ETX 7-year-old creates Christmas display to light up lives of others

BROWNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - He's only 7 years old, but that doesn't stop Foster Johnson, of Brownsboro, from doing anything when it comes to Christmas lights.

A video posted to social media by his mom, Brooke Foster, is receiving a lot of attention from East Texans. It shows his entire house lit up with Christmas lights with the caption, "My little Clark Griswold did this all by himself. He blows my mind with his lights." The post ends with "Yall!! He's 7!!"

Some of the comments on the video, posted to Facebook just two days ago range from  "So Impressive," "How much does he charge? We may need him to do ours" to "Incredible. And I thought I was accomplished because I decided to actually get a Christmas tree this year."

Foster's love for Christmas started at a very young age.  Brooke says she has been taking him to "Up in Lights" in Tyler since he was 2 years old.

"He's just always loved Christmas lights," says Brooke.

Foster's father passed away in 2013. Mom says one of his favorite things to do would be to watch his dad put up the lights every year.

"He was too young to do much, but he was watching to be sure! He's very observant," says Brooke.

Before he was old enough to head outside and take over dad's job, Foster did his handy elf work indoors.

"He started with a 'Christmas path' in the hallway a few years ago that he would drive his Little Tikes car through like a drive-through Christmas park," says Brooke.

When he was 4 or 5 years old, Brooke says Foster was finally old enough to go outside and help her put up the lights and outdoor decorations on the house. Not only did it become a hobby, it became a passion.

Brooke says he stockpiles his lights every year and he now has around 4,500 outside of their house at this moment. Foster doesn't head outside until he's completely ready and prepared to decorate.

"So he took over last year and just went to town. He plans it out and makes "blueprints, lists, maps of his plans. He had it all planned out how he would do it."

That is not where this kid's love for lights ends either. Foster now has plans for other children who love Christmas as much as he does.

"He wants to make a "Christmas path" through our backyard so kids who can't afford to go to Santa land or those places can drive through our back yard. He has a really sweet heart," says Brooke.

Foster also tells mom he plans to compete on the 'Great Light Fight' TV show one day.

"I've told him those people have like parks and drive threw parks but he says he'll save his lights and build on it every year," says Brooke.

You can also catch Foster's creativity with lights around Halloween. Brooke says he decorates for the holiday with lights of course and even smoke machines.

Brooke says she has no intention of stopping her little boy from doing what he loves best.

"Some people probably think I'm crazy for letting him just go to town, but this is his most favorite thing in the world. And I want to help cultivate his creativity. It's really amazing how many people just stop and watch his lights."

So if you're driving through Brownsboro to look at lights, be sure and try to spot Foster's magical Christmas display.

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