East Texas education minister moves without moving

East Texas education minister moves without moving

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - The Forest Home Baptist Church in Kilgore has a pretty big campus, so if you have to go from building to building that can mean a lot of time-consuming walking

Well, one of their employees used a Christmas present to get there more quickly. without getting in and out of a car all day.

We bring you the "flying minister of education."

Forest Home Minister of Education Patrick Monk isn't down on walking; it's just too slow for him. Now he makes much better time.

"Up here I can go through doors and up and down hallways and go all over the campus here," Monk said.

Well, okay he's not really flying, but it sure feels like it if you're on foot as he, well, flies past on his Segway, which is a sort of self-propelled scooter.

While with his wife at Sam's last year he saw it for sale.

"I'd love to have one of those, but I'd kill myself. So she bought it for me for Christmas," Monk

Depending on how much lean you give it, it'll go up to:

"Eleven miles an hour," Monk revealed.

And that's handy since he has leg issues which run in his family.

"I have been having a little bit of leg problems. They just ache at night or during the day if I'm up on my feet too long," Monk relayed.

And he's on his feet a lot, especially with December approaching. One of his duties is supervising the construction of the upcoming drive-through nativity, which starts with:

"Modern day scenery, which we call the North Pole," Monk stated.

And then it moves by the manger, Christ's home, and the crucifixion. That layout makes up a lot of distance; pretty much all the way around the main building. That would be a lot of walking.

Now he's hard to keep up with, but those who catch him often ask to try it.

"Kids, youth, adults, senior adults, I've had all ages on it, and they never busted themselves," Monk smiled.

He says he hasn't but he's had to bail a few times.

"Just, you know, step off and awkward situations, and hope no one's watching," Monk laughed.

He says the Segway instructions suggest ages:

"Sixteen to sixty," Monk said.

And a weight limit of:

"Two hundred twenty pounds," Monk recalled.

Well, he's sixty-six and weighs over two-twenty.

"I don't abide by either of the restrictions," he laughed.

He may not, but eventually he has to comply with one serious restriction: a dead battery.

Patrick says he and his wife had taken a couple tours on the larger models while on vacation and liked them. He says the knee control bar is what sold him on the Segway he owns now.

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