One Dead In Ore City Fire

Upshur County investigators are trying to find clues into what caused a woman's death in a house fire on Saturday. It happened at round six o'clock Saturday morning at a home on Forest Park Road, just off FM 450 and Joy Road in Ore City. Investigators say something was wrong, as the woman was desperately trying to get out.

"We believe she was making an attempt to get out of the house. We're not exactly sure at this point what took place prior to that, but we do know that she was found in a bedroom at the north end of the house," says Upshur County Constable, Mike Kuza.

There had been storms just before the fire, and when crews arrived, they found two people trying to revive the victim.

"There were two individuals in the front yard that had the victim on the ground and performing CPR," Kuza said.

The woman, who is in her mid 30's, was transported to the hospital where she died. The fire started in the kitchen area and caused very limited damage, but investigators say that may not mean anything.

"It does not take a large fire at all to produce enough toxic fumes and smoke inside a residence or any enclosed structure to cause asphyxiation," he says.

Kuza says there were no signs of arson, no electrical shorts or faulty wiring, nothing burning on the stove, leaving them puzzled as to what started the fire. The body has been sent for autopsy.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.