McDonald's flubs Black Friday tweet, Twitter is lovin' it

McDonald's flubs Black Friday tweet, Twitter is lovin' it

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Everyone who has tried their hand at social media has likely had a moment or two of embarrassment over a misspelled word or a photo that was unintentionally sent.

But when you're a giant corporation and you flub up, it is seen by thousands, and potentially millions, of other social media users.

Take, for example, this tweet from the McDonald's Corporation that was sent out early on Black Friday morning.

Twitter users collectively cringed and began roasting McDonald's.

One user, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, stuck up for the poor social media manager for the fast food giant. Because, what if there actually was a new product coming out with that name?  You never know.

But the magic happened, as it often does on Twitter, when Wendy's showed up.  Their broken ice cream machine jab at McDonald's got over 128,000 retweets.

When Wendy's starts roasting other fast food restaurants, people tend to sit up and wait for the sarcasm to flow from the account.

McDonalds' social media team gathered themselves and came back with an excuse; no coffee.

Some people approved of the valiant attempt at a comeback.

Some weren't sure.

And some people clearly judged the attempt as weak.

Whatever your opinion of the Twitter faux pas, admittedly, the ensuing conversation was a humorous diversion on Black Friday.

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