Cranberry sauce lovers debate superiority of canned versus homemade

Cranberry sauce lovers debate superiority of canned versus homemade

(KLTV/KTRE) - There's a movement afoot in the culinary world, specifically when it comes to a certain holiday food: cranberry sauce.

Mothers and grandmothers have happily pulled cans of jellied cranberry sauce out of the pantry since its invention in 1941 to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. Jellied cranberry sauce was fine for most folks for decades, until Martha Stewart and other domestic divas began talking about tossing the can and making one's own whole berry cranberry sauce.

It is, in fact, an easy process and the end product is like a beautiful, tart chutney. People began serving it on their tables at home, enjoying it but perhaps secretly missing the jellied goop from the can.

Recently, people have been coming out of the canned cranberry sauce closet, reclaiming their favorite jellied treat. There's been a lot of talk about this on Twitter this Thanksgiving week, as evidenced by a number of people using the hashtag #teamcannedcran.

This woman serves her canned cran in an elegant dish, with one caveat:

If you are a proud member of #teamcannedcran, hold your head up high and enjoy the jell, just like these folks. You're in good company.

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