Pop Tarts controversy heats up on Twitter

Pop Tarts controversy heats up on Twitter

(KLTV/KTRE) - An Oklahoma woman has sparked a debate over the way she eats her breakfast pastries.

Christy Taylor's account on Twitter has one particular tweet that created a stir among foodies on Twitter.  She says that she dips her Pop Tarts in, believe it or not, ranch dressing.

That seems to be a harmless enough statement, but not for folks on Twitter who saw the tweet. Taylor was scolded from all sides.

Some folks even got emotional, claiming they were brought to the point of yelling at the device on which they saw the "disgusting" tweet.

Some were even more violent...at least in the digital realm.

And worst of all, the official Pop Tarts account on Twitter (yes, that does exist) denounced her dip choice.

However, some folks who seem to be willing to try crazy combinations of foods were intrigued, and willing to try it.

And of course, Hidden Valley's twitter feed was fine with the idea, apparently encouraging other ranch lovers to think without rules about what they could dip into the creamy goodness of their famous dressing.

And a woman named Alyssa is 100 percent for it, calling for people to "ranch it up."

So how do you feel about dipping Pop Tarts into ranch dressing? Is this something you'd be willing to try, or does the thought disgust you?

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