Man sentenced for 2015 aggravated sexual assault in Gregg, Upshur Counties.

Man sentenced for 2015 aggravated sexual assault in Gregg, Upshur Counties.

A Gladewater man has been sentenced for a 2015 aggravated sexual assault after pleading guilty today in Gregg County.

Shannon Weiss pled guilty to one count of sexual assault and one count of aggravated sexual assault.

Weiss was sentenced to 55 years confinement in prison in Gregg County.

On Friday, Weiss pled guilty in Upshur County to sexual assault which occurred in the county on Aug. 28, 2015.

The Court presided over by the Honorable Lauren Parish, also made an affirmative finding that the Mr. Weiss used or displayed a deadly weapon during the commission of the offense. The adult female victim, also of Gladewater, approved of the plea agreement.

The Court sentenced Mr. Weiss to 55 years in prison in Upshur County.

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On August 29, 2015, Investigator Roy Nixon of the Gregg County Sheriff's Office, was notified of a sexual assault victim at GSMC.

The victim told Nixon, after conversing with Weiss in his truck she asked to be taken home. Weiss refused, throwing her phone out the window before driving to an oil lease road where he sexually assaulted her multiple times and threatened her with a knife.

The other victim was discovered shortly after this investigation began. She too was taken to an oil lease road by Weiss where he sexually assaulted her.

The case was prosecuted by ADA Madison Hood.

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