Drivers blame windshield damage on road construction

Drivers blame windshield damage on road construction

Drivers say they are getting an unpleasant surprise while driving down Toll Road 49 in Smith County.

As construction continues, so does the chance of your windshield being damaged by loose gravel and rocks.

Employees at Eagle Auto Glass in Tyler said they are use to drivers needing their windshields repaired or replaced, but recently there has been an increase in customers.

Georgia Tant with Eagle Auto Glass said for the last several weeks the business averages about 15 per car.

"It's either rocks getting flung up or just loose gravel on the road that is flinging up into their windshield," said Tant.

Many customers telling employees at the repair shop they blame rocks and road construction on Toll Road 49.

Tant said repairing window cracks averages about $35, but when it comes to replacing a whole windshield, that price tag can be up to $500, depending upon the car.

"A lot do ask if they can charge the State of Texas or Tyler because of 49," said Tant."That's where most of the damage occurs."

There could be some help for some drivers.

If you have incurred rock damage on Toll 49 between Highway 31 and I-20, a claim can be filed to the NorthEast Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NET RMA).

The insurance group handling the claims could not disclose the number of claims being dealt with.

Tant said there's not much drivers can do to avoid flying rock, but if a driver does notice a chip, they need to get it fixed immediately.

For information on how to file a claim click here.

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