Man Who Accuses Tyler Police Of Excessive Force Hires An Attorney

One of two Hispanic men who claim to have been manhandled by Tyler police last month has hired an attorney. Greg Porter of the Clark, Lea, Ainsworth and Porter law firm will be representing 33-year-old Ramon Gomez-Alanize in the civil case.

Gomez-Alanize, along with 68-year-old Jose Romero, say they were beaten and pepper-sprayed by Tyler police officers during a July 15th incident.  Porter says at this time, his firm is conducting an investigation to see whether a lawsuit will be filed.  "Right now we are just conducting an investigation.  We have not made any decision at this time as to whether we will file a lawsuit or not. What we want to determine is, one was excessive force used. And two, if it was, then what is the city going to do about it?" says Porter.

Porter says if a lawsuit is filed, the case could take between one to two years to be resolved.

Oralia Ortega reporting,