East Texan Trying To Earn Cowboys Roster Spot

It's a long way from Troup, Texas to Oxnard, California, but Keylon Kincade is making the most of his opportunity .

"Feels great man," said Kincade. "It's a dream come true. Coach giving me an opportunity to make that dream come true. I'm just looking forward to it, giving my best."

Kincade spent last season on the Cowboys practice squad, and is in an NFL training camp for the first time. He's hoping the experience he gained playing for the Cologne Centurions of NFL Europe this off season will give him a leg up.

"It helped a lot." Kincade said. "It helped me get my fundamentals down, just the basics. I mean, you look at the little things, then. Everybody got talent, but whoever do the little things right, that's who's going to make it."

"He's a tough kid," said Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells. "I think he's improved as a player over the last year. I think the European experience was good for him."

Growing up a Cowboys fan in Troup, Keylon knows there's a lot of East Texas eyes watching him right now."

"Everybody is proud of me," said Kincade, "so, that's the least I can do for them now, is to make the team."

But making the team is going to be difficult. He's part of a group of five running backs trying to fit into three spots, and coach Parcells isn't sure yet where he fits in.

"He's still eligible for the practice squad," said Parcells, "so there's some vehicle still available to him. I like the kid personally, but we'll see. It won't be easy. He's got a lot of competition."

"Competition brings out the best in you," said Kincade, "I think I'll be one of the last ones still here, but if not, it's an opportunity for anything else. You just got to look on the bright side of everything."

So while he's working hard in California, he hasn't forgotten the folks back in East Texas , and didn't pass up the opportunity to give a shout-out.

"My son K.J., my mom and all my family. I love you all," said Kincade.

Kevin Berns reporting.