Proud of East Texas: Joyce Buford

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Joyce Buford is a transition coach and motivational speaker, with a radio show reaching almost a million listeners and a newly released book.

But just a decade ago, Joyce's life was in shambles, or as she puts it, she "felt broken, sad and alone."

"I went on my own journey after a life-changing event and so I went on trying to find a direction for me."

Joyce's life-changing event was a divorce, as it is for many. But in changing the course of her life, she found she could help change the course for others.

Today, it could be said that Joyce has re-invented herself.

"The more I got into the self-help and development, the more I liked the work because I'm a born teacher. I'm a leader and a teacher."

Joyce studied several years with the top people in the motivational empowerment world and was mentored by Jack Canfield himself, before launching her own self-improvement business.

"With all my back history of volunteerism and leadership, it was just a natural for me to want to go into this because I like helping people."

Joyce's workshops on How to Manifest your Dream Life and her book, Effortless Happiness, (How to find your voice and ask for what you want) all start with women learning to love themselves.

"We are all living a journey so that at the end of our life what will we say our journey is, did we do what we wanted to do, did we live enough, did we love enough, did we give enough you know that's the question we're all working towards."

In explaining how she and others feel when they've manifested their dream lives, Joyce Buford simply says, "You're happy, you're just happy. Life is good and you feel at peace that you've come to a good place."

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