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International ALERT Academy helps in search after remains found near Tyler


Forensic investigators in Dallas are examining a human skull, which was found over the weekend off of Interstate 20 near Tyler.

The search for more clues also continues near where it was discovered, a search and rescue crew from out of town arrived Wednesday morning to assist with the investigation.

Four days after hunters found what is believed to be a human skull the International ALERT Academy crew traveled to Smith County to assist.

“Sheriffs, counties, and departments will call us for recovering weapons, vehicles and in this case, we are looking for remains,” said Captain Jesse Boulden with the ALERT crew.

The crew is cross-trained in urban land and underwater search and rescue.

Boulden said the wooded area near I-20 east and FM 14 requires the group to stay close to prevent overlooking any object.

“Because the terrain is so tight, and we know the general area of the bones, we are doing sweeps half a mile in and half a mile out,” said Boulden.

After more than an hour of searching, they discovered new remains, but lab work confirmed the second findings were animal remains. This result won’t help in the quest for more information on the human skull.

“Sometimes it’s just a day thing or multiple days. It really depends on the situation,” said Boulden.

The Smith County Sheriff's office says, as of now, today's search was the last.

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