Breaking: Man who murdered six people at campsite sentenced to death

Breaking: Man who murdered six people at campsite sentenced to death

Brazoria County, TX - The man who was found guilty of murdering six people at an Anderson County campsite has been sentenced to death by lethal injection, according to the Palestine Herald Press.

William Hudson, 35, was handed the death penalty today in a Brazos County courtroom for the murder of two families spending the weekend camping in Tennessee Colony.

"Having been convicted of capital punishment I sentence you to death," said presiding judge, the honorable Mark Calhoon. The jury of 8 women and four men, plus two alternates, all over the age of 30, returned with their verdict after less than thirty minutes of deliberation, according to the Palestine Herald.

On Nov. 15, 2015, Nathan Kamp, 23, and Austin Kamp, 21, were murdered while on vacation with their father Thomas Kamp and his girlfriend Hannah Johnson. Johnson's  6-year-old son Kade, her father, Carl Johnson and Carl's wife, Cynthia Johnson were also on vacation with the group.

Cynthia Johnson was the only survivor.

Hudson entered a not guilty plea in the case.  The prosecution filed their intent to seek the death penalty if Hudson was found guilty. On Nov. 7, Hudson was found guilty on three counts of capital murder.

Hudson's defense team did not call a single witness and the defense did not offer an argument for reasonable doubt in the case, the Herald-Press reports. Hudson did not show any emotion during the reading of the verdict.

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, released a statement today saying, "We are grateful on behalf of the victims' families that justice has been served, and we are thankful that this vicious killer has been removed from society. Given the brutal nature of the mass murders, anything short of the death penalty would have been disproportionate. I am grateful to the Criminal Prosecutions Division of my office and the Anderson County DA's office for all of the hard work they put into trying and winning this case."

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