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Residents Concerned About Trashed Longview Properties

Some south Longview residents, like Gloria Means who works at a Green Street Adult Care Center, are embarrassed that unsightly city owned buildings are left unattended, in some cases, for years.

"Kind of bad really, when we opened six years ago the city gave us a hard time saying they wanted everything corrected before we could move in, and now this building is sitting by us and nothing is being done, I would like to see the city step up and do what they're supposed to do" says Means.

Structures, like the former utilities building right across from Foster Middle school, are left in the care of the parks department, and maintenance , even mowing the grass, is a problem.

"We don't have the staff or the budget to go by there every single day and clean it up, that facility has become a concern, we have other properties that have become magnets for illegal dumping" says city parks director Laura Hill.

The buildings show signs of vandalism and some fear that they become convenient sites for drug activity. Others want to see something done with the old fire station on mobberly as well. It's a problem now that the mayor has become keenly aware of.

"One thing we have to remember the city inherits a lot of properties, delinquent taxpayers people abandoning properties, it always falls back to the city, and its our responsibility to take care of that property, but we're also stewards of tax dollars" said Longview mayor Jay Dean.

With the problem brought to the mayors attention, he promises action.

"In September we're going to launch a major initiative to clean this community up" says Dean.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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