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8/4/2005-Oxnard, CA

Cowboys Owner Talks Business

Jerry Jones is nervous. Nervous as only a man who has shelled out tens of millions of dollars on football players can be. Jones is banking on 2005 being the year the Cowboys return to the upper echelons of the NFL, and he points squarely to the past success head coach Bill Parcells and new quarterback Drew Bledsoe had in New England .

"Rare have I seen that opportunity in the NFL to put that together at that position," said Jones.  "When I saw us get that veteran player that could be here for three or four years, maybe even longer, then I felt like we could go ahead and invest the money to get a top nose tackle, get a corner and certainly go out there and get another corner, so I felt real good about that."

That shopping list may still include another safety, if they can find one. But, with all the added investments, comes added responsibilty. And while Jones stopped short of saying this is a make or break year for \Parcells, he did say someone will be held accountable.

"Whether it be at quarterback, or whether it be with the young players we’ve got,' said Jones, "we not only expect to be competing, but we need to feel real good about what we’re going to be doing over the next several years."

For the past six years, the Cowboys have watched as someone else has taken the title as top team in the NFC East. Philadelphia has owned the crown four consecutive years, and are clearly the focus of attention for the Cowboys, as they attempt to keep the Eagles from winning a Super Bowl. 

"I think that last year we saw some things that had they fallen right for us, we could have played them better," Jones said.  "This year, with what I think we’re going to be on defense and our special teams, I think we’ve got a better chance to compete with them."

With the parity in the NFL these days, there should always be reason for optimism, but Jones says this year is different for the Cowboys.

"This team deserves some optimism," said Jones.  "We have probably drafted as well and gotten the opportunity, of course having the two number ones always makes you a better drafter, but still we’ve got a chance to take some of the talent we’ve got here and turn it into a winning situation, I think more so today then we did in the early 90’s, simply because it’s a more even playing field across the NFL."

"I will tell you that we need to win and we need to win for a lot of reasons," said Jones.  "The most important thing is that the only reason I got into the NFL is to compete for Super Bowls. I didn’t have rose-colored glasses when I bought the Cowboys. I knew where the expectations were for our Cowboys fans, especially the ones in East Texas."

Kevin Berns reporting.  

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