Kids Design Spring Hill Park

An east Texas country music artist gave back to his community, by letting children "plan" their own park. New beginnings Baptist Church in Spring Hill was filled today with design engineers, the kid kind. All pitching in to build their own park, through the help of Neal McCoy as part of his humanitarian award from the academy of country music. 

"I've got an 11 year old son who goes to spring hill schools and theres not really a place for them to play, when i found that we had a chance to win this playground I thought that was cool" Neal says.

The award allowed McCoy to chose were to build his own park. With the assistance of the non-profit organization "Kaboom" and Home Depot, the kids were asked to put everything they wanted to see on their playground on paper.

"My aunt got to do this and I'm really excited I got to do it to" said 9 year old designer Brooks Hill.

For McCoy, it was a chance to really give back to his own neighborhood and community.

"That really is what this playground is about that the kids will have fun, and enjoy it, and the younger kids when they get older will enjoy it" says McCoy.

Construction is set to begin on the playground October 5th. 

Bob Hallmark reporting.