Residents 'ducked for cover' during fatal Tyler apartment shooting

Residents 'ducked for cover' during fatal Tyler apartment shooting
Darryl Washington. (Source: Friend)
Darryl Washington. (Source: Friend)

It was a terrifying night for residents at the Chelsea Creek Apartment complex in Tyler, where sounds of gunfire erupted from building 14.

"It's really unreal that this would happen,” says Anthony Simpson, a Chelsea Creek resident and friend of the victim. “I was over there two nights ago watching movies on the couch."

According to Tyler Police, on November 13 an unknown suspect opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun inside the unit, claiming the life of Darryl Washington, 25, and wounding two others. Terry Rogers, 22, was shot multiple times and remains in the hospital and Nadarius Houston, 18,was treated for graze wound and released. 

"We called in the investigators, crime scene people, everyone that could look into this further and talked to as many people as possible last night," says Tyler Police Information Officer Don Martin.

The next afternoon, crime scene investigators were back at the scene. Police now believe narcotics were involved in the incident.

Simpson says, he was about to go visit Washington just minutes before shots were fired.

"I hear one shot and I'm looking around, thinking that it's the TV,” says Simpson. “When I hear the second one and then they’re coming back constantly, I run to the back and try to take cover."

Another resident from building 14 says she and her son ducked for cover in the bathtub when they heard the gunfire.

"These walls are thin,” says Simpson. “There's not much that can stop a bullet from coming through."

According to the incident report, twelve nine millimeter shell casings were found in the apartment.

Tyler Police are still searching for a suspect, but say this was an isolated incident and residents in the area shouldn't be worried at this time.

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