Community honors ETX girls fatally shot in Mabank home

Community honors ETX girls fatally shot in Mabank home
Kaylee Danielle, 7 and Kenlie, 5 (Source: GoFundMe page)
Kaylee Danielle, 7 and Kenlie, 5 (Source: GoFundMe page)

Soft music and the glowing flame from several candles brought comfort to a grieving community on the evening of November 12. 

"At any time when we come to face to face with a tragedy such as this, it's good for the communities to come together,” says Gun Barrel City Mayor, Jim Braswell.

The memories of Kaylee,7, and Kenlie, 5, were in the hearts and minds of their classmates and community members as they gathered for a candle light vigil in their honor.

On November 2, Kaylee and Kenlie were fatally shot in their Mabank home.

Their mother, Sarah Henderson confessed to shooting her daughters and investigators determined that she had been planning the act for at least two weeks.

"Words cannot express why things like this happen,” says Braswell. “That's unknown to all of us but, we just pray that this will help everyone that's here tonight in some way."

The evening opened with a prayer, and was followed by the lighting of candles that were held up toward the sky.

"They're in heaven I know it, resting in God’s arms,” says Scott Toley, an organizer for the vigil.

Braswell says, the lighting of the candle is a way of remembering those that they are there to honor.

“May there star always shine bright,” says Braswell. “May those candles never go out in our heart."

A tearful moment of silence and reflection, showed the impact that Kaylee and Kenlie had on this community.

"It’s going to be something in our hearts,” says Toley. “You see stuff like this on a national level but, when it hits home and when it hits three streets from your home it's hard"

A balloon release by the girl's classmates marked the end of the evening but community members say Kaylee and Kenlie will always be in their hearts.

Sarah Henderson remains in the Henderson county jail, charged with capital murder.

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