Longview creates program to provide jobs for the homeless

Longview creates program to provide jobs for the homeless
The City of Longview has authorized a new partnership with the House of Disciples, a local recovery center, which will allow those suffering from homelessness to earn an income.
“It began with the mayor putting together a homeless task force,” says Tim Wiseman, the Founder of the House of Disciples. “While serving on that committee, one of the things he had on that initiative was to develop some type of program for the homeless to have a job."
The program will pay those in need of work eight dollars an hour to collect litter throughout Longview. Wiseman says a vetting process will be required for those interested in the opportunity.
“We’re going to handle it case by case, but we're not necessarily looking to turn away anybody,” says Wiseman. “If someone shows up at our door and says ;we want help with some type of issues in our life or job,' we're going to do everything we can to help them."
The program will be funded using money already included in the city's budget that would normally be used for litter collection.
Wiseman hopes the program will help those in need get back on their feet.
"It’s going to direct people towards services and agencies that can help them with those issues,” says Wiseman. “Then that will bring them to a place of needing and getting employment, and employment will lead them to a place of sustainability in the community."

Currently there are two positions available through the program but Wiseman and the city hopes that local businesses will jump on board and open up positions as well.

Those interested in the employment opportunities and businesses wanting to get involved can contact the House of Disciples for more information.

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