Kari Hunt's family raising funds for Kari's Law campaign

Kari Hunt's family raising funds for Kari's Law campaign

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - As we near the four-year anniversary of the murder of 31-year-old Kari Hunt, her family continues to push for changes to the 911 operating system.

Hunt was killed in a hotel room bathroom in Marshall, while her three children were in the bedroom area listening. One of her children dialed 911, but because she didn't know she needed to dial another number first to get to an outside line, she was never able to reach help.

Hunt's family has since worked with the legislature to pass a bill, known as Kari's Law, allowing for the direct dialing of 911.

They have also created the Kari Hunt Foundation to raise money to campaign for the bill.

Hank Hunt, Kari Hunt's father says, "people just assume that you can call 911. I've always assumed it. If you pick up the phone anywhere and call 911, you're going to get help… that is not the case." 

Kari's Law passed in Texas in 2015. It has also passed in the US House and Senate and is now under a committee's review to integrate it with the FCC Reauthorization Bill, which would give the FCC the responsibility to enforce it.

However, as the Hunt family is in the final stretch of pushing for Kari's Law, they are asking the public to consider donating to the Kari Hunt Foundation, which has allowed them to campaign over the past four years.

If you'd like to donate to the Kari Hunt Foundation, please visit this link.

You can also donate by sending a donation to: 11688 County Road 3119, Winona, TX 75792

For more information on the Kari Hunt Foundation, please visit: https://www.karihuntfoundation.com/

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