Police still investigating hit and run that killed man on Gilmer Road

Police still investigating hit and run that killed man on Gilmer Road

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Police are still looking for clues into who fatally ran a pedestrian down and then fled the scene.

Last Thursday, a passer-by spotted a man's body on the shoulder of the road off of the 400 block of Gilmer Road in Longview. Initial security video showed a vehicle striking 63-year-old Joe Arthur Lee.

Lee later died from his injuries.

Security video shows a vehicle clipping a man walking along the road as it passes. When officers arrived, they confirmed it was the body of Lee.

"We've looked at that video several different times, and whether there were some brakes actually activated during that period shortly after, it may be questionable. Regardless of that, we know we've got somebody who knows some information in regards to this hit and run," says Longview Police Sgt. Shane McCarter.

The only evidence: Debris left from the vehicle, and security video which captured the impact. Lee's body was knocked onto the shoulder of the road at 300 and the vehicle that hit him kept going. But police have now obtained a second security video.

"Looking at this video, we're probably looking for a 2000-to-2005 GMC or Chevy pickup truck," McCarter says.

And some important clues.

"There's going to be damage to the front right of the vehicle. Potentially some damage along the passenger side. It's going to be missing the inner workings of the mirror on the passenger side," the Sargent says.

And a possible witness.

"There was another vehicle that was in the inside lane, really close to that particular truck at the time of the accident," says McCarter.

They would like that driver to come forward, and they're asking body repair businesses to keep a  lookout.

"The possibility that the driver has taken it to a body shop. They might say 'hey look, maybe this was a vehicle that was involved,'" McCarter says.

Ultimately they want something to draw them to the person who killed Lee.

"We'll take any potential, a color something that will help us solve this crime," says McCarter.

Longview police are asking that anyone who may have been driving in or around Gilmer Road on the night of November 1 to call them with any information.

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