Bus service for East Texas veterans about to begin

Bus service for East Texas veterans about to begin

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Some East Texas veterans have a hard time making their medical appointments at Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, but now they're getting a little help from their friends.

And several local entities have teamed up to provide a shuttle service to and from the hospital twice a week.

Jim Camp is Transportation Director for East Texas Council of Governments, but he's also a veteran so he knows how badly the shuttle is needed. A veteran shuttle has been down this road before, a few years ago when:

"ETCOG actually ran the service for free, but it wasn't sustainable and we had to drop it. So this has been a collaborative effort between Amtrak, Longview Transit and East Texas Council of Governments to put this back into place," Camp said.

East Texas Connects is also involved. This time around it's $30 for a round trip ticket according to Griff Hubbard with Amtrak in Longview.

"We wanted to keep the price at a reasonable cost that could keep the service viable, but still be a low enough fare where the average person who had to pay on their own could," Hubbard said.

Two marked, designated busses will depart from the Marshall and Longview Amtrak stations.

"Going to leave Longview every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:15 in the morning," Hubbard said.

So riders need to get to the Amtrak Station, or if they're in ETCOG's 7 county service area:

"They will actually be picked up in the morning by go bus from their residence if they want to," Camp said.

So, yeah, it's thirty dollars, but they are offering curbside service; house to hospital.

"They'll have roughly between 9:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon in order to make their appointment, and then we bring them back and return them to their place of origin at that time," Camp added.

The service is open to anyone, not just vets.

But keep in mind it doesn't matter how many times you ask the driver, they won't be making any stops at the boats or the track.

GoVet busses only provide service to Overton Brooks VA Medical Center and back starting November 14. For more information or to book a ride click here.

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