City of Tyler relaxes front yard fence use policy

City of Tyler relaxes front yard fence use policy

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler City Council voted to eliminate the special-use permitting process for front yard fences in their Wednesday meeting. This means residents can place a fence in their front yard as long as it meets a few requirements.

Fences must be made of wood, brick, wrought iron, stone or concrete materials. Chain link cannot be used for front yard fences, but can be used in back yards.

Front yard fences must also be 50% open, meaning residents cannot wall off their homes with continuous fencing or walls. The structures cannot extend higher than four feet from the nearest right of way like a sidewalk or street.

Already-built fences will be grandfathered in if they do not meet the specific requirements. The City of Tyler says it will make area fencing contractors and suppliers aware of the changes.

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