Gift of Love: Dallas

Gift of Love: Dallas

It was an afternoon of puppy kisses for 10-year-old Dallas. This 3rd grader says he enjoys school for the most part.

"Science. What else do you like? Math," Dallas said.

As for his future, Dallas says he would like to work at a place like Petland where he can take care of all sorts of animals like fluffy bunnies and sleepy ferrets.

Dallas is a quiet guy for the most part. He enjoys watching cartoons and loves to be outside around water. Dallas loves to fish and catch frogs. He also likes sports.

"Baseball and soccer ball and football," Dallas said.

As for his three wishes, Dallas is down to Earth and practical.

"Play at the park, be a scientist. What's your third wish? And have a puppy," Dallas said.

And Dallas already has a name picked out for his future pet.

"Mr. Bubbles," Dallas said. 

But more than a new puppy Dallas wants to find his forever family.

"A mom and Dad and brothers and sisters," Dallas said.

His case workers say that Dallas will do best in a two parent home or with a single father. No matter what, Dallas needs a family that can show him the Gift of Love.

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