Community Excited About Largest Freezer In Texas

It is a mammoth-sized freezer, one that will now stores aisles and aisles of frozen products such as meats and vegetables. For the local organizations that rely on the food bank, it's a much needed addition to their grocery lists.

"P.A.T.H. will be able to provide frozen meat products and vegetables, which we haven't been able to do in the past," says P.A.T.H. Director Christina Fulsom.

Today alone, dozens of needy families lined up to get fresh produce from P.A.T.H. In the near future, they too will be able to pick up frozen goods.

"My check is always short of my bills. I have light, water and a gas bill and this helps me a lot," says Fred Sanders who stopped by P.A.T.H. to get a bag of food. Sheila McGowan adds, "I have three kids and two grandbabies and so yeah it's a big help."

With summertime in full swing, organizations such as A.D.A.P.T., an at-risk prevention program for kids, have seen people go to the extreme just to get some food. "So children will steal to be able to be fed. Because they're hungry," A.D.A.P.T. Executive Director Diane Isham.

Isham says frozen meats and veggies will go much further for her kids than just providing a well-rounded balanced meal.

"So while the children through our kids camp are learning about the nutritional value of food, we can also teach them how to prepare it, freeze it, so they can have information on how to feed themselves when they're not here at A.D.A.P.T."

Christine Nelson, reporting.