Charges Dropped Against Animal Cruelty Defendant

All remaining charges have been dropped against a Smith County woman accused of animal cruelty.

Julia McMurrey ran a dog rescue called P.A.W.S. Around the Planet. That's where the SPCA of Texas removed close to 200 dogs, some sick and malnourished.

In March, McMurrey was sentenced to jail for one count of animal cruelty. She was scheduled to go on trial this month for the remaining three counts. But the prosecution discovered a problem with its key witness.

The district attorney says Dave Garcia of the SPCA did not disclose his criminal history when he was asked about it.

The SPCA of Texas says that does not change the fact that they found dead and dying animals at McMurrey's shelter.

"The expertise of Mr. Garcia versus allegations of past issues... To me, it's not Dave Garcia that's on trial," James Bias, president of the SPCA of Texas, said. "It's the perpetrator of alleged animal cruelty."

Garcia has been convicted on multiple felony and misdemeanor DWI's in several states, and has a warrant for his arrest in Arizona.

Julie Tam, reporting.