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Carmella's Mini-Santa land opens soon

There's about two million more lights than this at Mini-Santaland. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV. There's about two million more lights than this at Mini-Santaland. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

You may not be ready for Christmas yet, but there’s a spot just north of Longview that already looks like it.

Carmella’s Mini Santa Land is already in full sparkle. It’s located at 6085 Highway 259 near Wood Lane in Gregg County.

Carmella’s little helpers scurry about doing last-minute touches. It’s the second year on the new property.

“We like it out here a lot better because we don’t have to worry about any angry people. We have plenty of space, great entrance to come in, a lot further to go around, a lot more lights, it gives us a lot more opportunity to grow it and grow it and grow it,” Davis said.

They put in power and built roads last year for the displays. It’s an early Christmas season for Carmella and company.

“We started back in June,” she revealed.

Yes, June. And they don’t like to leave it all out in the weather.

“You take it down by January?” I asked her.

“Well by the end of January, first of February. It takes about two months to get it down,” Carmella said.

“You take three months off a year?” I asked Carmella.

“That’s about it,” she smiled.

“And then the rest of the year is Christmas?” I said.

“Yes, pretty much so. Every weekend out here in the heat and the rain and whatever it takes to get it back up,” Carmella explained.

There’s about a mile of displays of many different types.

“We’re way over two million lights and probably close to 300 deer,” Carmella revealed.

And this year they went patriotic.

“It to me is to die for. It is great. We have a big huge 40-foot flag hanging over a pond, and then we have a little fallen soldier area too. So we’re respecting those who are out there for us, and those who are deceased,” Carmella stated.

And she wants to take that aspect farther by maybe surprising some soldiers' families with a homecoming among the lights.

But she says, “I don’t think you can go through it once and see everything.”

And that’s why it’s Christmas before Thanksgiving at Mini-Santa land.

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