Tyler officer uses soda bribe to get woman to hospital

Tyler officer uses soda bribe to get woman to hospital

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Tyler officer didn't give up after a woman refused treatment Halloween night. Instead, he got creative and used a can of soda to get her to go to the hospital.

Officer Charles Johnson and Sergeant Zack Noble with the Tyler Police Department were called to assist with a welfare check involving an older woman with potential medical issues, last Tuesday night.

According to Tyler police, when officers arrived at the residence, the woman had been on the floor for an unknown amount of time. She had been scooting around her residence because she did not have the strength to stand. The woman didn't have any life-threatening injuries but the officers still encouraged the woman to go to the hospital just in case.

She refused to go with EMS for treatment, and instead told officers, "All I need is a big Red to drink and I will be fine."

The officers didn't want to leave for fear the woman needed further attention, so Noble decided to make a special deal with her.

Noble told the woman that if she would go with EMS to the hospital, he would personally go to the store, he would buy her a Big Red and he would bring it to her.

Johnson admitted he thought his partner was bluffing to try and get the woman to cooperate. Turns out, he wasn't telling a white lie.

The woman finally agreed and went with EMS to the hospital. Minutes after her arrival, Noble showed up with an ice cold Big Red, just for her.

The Tyler Police Department posted on their Facebook page this afternoon, "Thanks to Sergeant Noble's kind gesture of a Big Red drink for the patient and more importantly he kept his word!"

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