Better East Texas: Hollywood allegations of misconduct, corruption

(KLTV) - We often hear about disgusting and deplorable actions by groups of people. Recently, we have seen some of these centered around college campuses with groups like fraternities that engage in hazing or other illegal activities. 

Thankfully, there are usually several governing bodies either on campus or at the national fraternity level that can take corrective action.  We have seen individuals in the sports world abuse their status and perceived power to disregard our laws. But another fraternity-like group doesn't have a governing body that monitors behavior of its members or sets ethical standards that members must adhere to.  And that group is the entertainment industry.

We have heard recently of numerous potential criminal but certainly deplorable actions by those in positions of power in the industry. First was Henry Weinstein, then Kevin Spacey, followed by Dustin Hoffman but there have been others that have been accused and even admitted sexual misconduct. But without a true governing mechanism these people that are some of the wealthiest in the world, will continue and there will most likely be more accusations and revelations in the future.

Unfortunately, without much oversight, influence and money corrupt. The threat of cover up and collusion draws infinitely more criticism and attention when it is in the political arena but we like to think that the stars of the silver screen are above that – but they are not.  Until the entertainment industry creates some standards of behavior that have real consequences if abused, they will remain little more than spoiled brats behaving badly.

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