Better East Texas: Russian meddling in U.S. elections

(KLTV) - In what seems like an investigation with no end, we continue to see extensive reports on Russian meddling in our election process. 

Most of the talk is about advertising purchases by Russian-backed groups on some very popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. The process of purchasing political ads has a load of regulations and disclosures if you are purchasing the ads on traditional media like television and radio. You have all heard or seen those disclaimers at the end of the commercials.  But there is an extensive file with details on people behind political ad purchases at every TV and radio station and even on-line.

Those rules are in place to make sure we know who is purchasing the ads. But no such regulation exists for political buys on social media.  And while I am not for more rules just for rules' sake, some regulation is definitely needed. Disclosure rules may not have completely stopped the Russian influenced political ad purchases but it may have helped. It is estimated that north of 10-million people were exposed to the Russian backed ads and that those ads were shared hundreds of millions of times – all that malicious content designed to cloud the image of candidates and even to stoke racial unrest in some of the regions of our country that were faced with riots last year.

This troubling and needs immediate resolution moving forward otherwise it will only get worse and the impact on our society will become a cancer.

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