Charlie Daniels helps Longview

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A country music star comes to East Texas for a concert and makes time to help out an East Texas veterans organization.

Legendary fiddle player and performer Charlie Daniels was in Longview Sunday for a concert.
At Letourneau university's Belcher center, Daniels held a meet and greet prior to performing.
"My first thought was wholly cow. Charlie Daniels has been one of my favorite all times of my life. I grew up listening to his music. Knowing he was a big supporter of veterans," said army veteran and Daniels fan Jud Hagan.
Daniels, a big supporter of our military and veterans issues, took the time to do what he loves to do.

Help any veterans organization that asks.

Signing a guitar that the VFW 1183 in Longview will auction. His support meant a lot to post members.

"To have a celebrity in this day and time, that is willing to go above and beyond, for the veteran groups,  it's heart-warming and exciting," says 1183 post commander Jon Ashcraft.

"I say this on stage every night, only 2 things protect America the grace of God and the united states military," Daniels says.
Through a stellar career, the country music star never lost touch with important issues. Like who protects the country.
"I grew up during the second World War, my hometown was a seaport town. We had oil tankers sunk just off our coast by German U-boats. The war was a serious business," the country music legend says.
His gesture only added to what fans know about him.
"When it actually came down that he agreed to do this,  I was just floored," Hagan says.
"We owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to our veterans. We can never ever do enough for them," Daniels says.
Charlie Daniels gave all of the VFW members he met free tickets to his concert.
The Charlie Daniels band moves on to its' next performance November 9th in Alabama.
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