PTSD assistance program features veteran army dog

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A veteran with an amazing story paid a visit to Longview, doing his part traveling the country as part of an assistance program that helps other veterans deal with PTSD.

With the 'For Veterans Sake Foundation' travel bus set up in the Longview 4th Street Walmart parking lot, veterans Jon Harper and Monty Hutson have come to help veterans with PTSD through service animals. 

"Something needs to be done. Let's do something. It's our fellow brothers and sisters that were helping. If we can get to their environment, we have a better understanding of what they're going through," Hutson says.

"It was really a way for me to continue serving my country. A way I can give back to my brethren and help take care of them," says Harper.

Among the group are two German shepherds: training dog Lilly, and Ruger, who is a remarkable army veteran himself.

"Ruger, he was a military bomb dog with the 101st airborne division. Ruger did 166 missions in Afghanistan," says Hutson.

Through combat situations, Ruger saved astounding numbers of lives in Afghanistan.
"He uncovered 562 IED's, he saved 1347 people," Hutson says.

Ruger miraculously survived an IED blast to the Humvee he was in. 

"His whole crew was killed, he was thrown about 50 feet so he came back with injuries. Ruger has PTSD, and he misses his partners," says Hutson.

Ruger personifies the hurting veteran, and is priceless in getting the message out to veterans who need help.

"We'll have a lot of vets that will come up and take a need with him and have a moment," Harper says.

Everything the foundation provides is free to veterans.

They operate only on donations. The 'For Veterans Sake' bus will be at the Longview 4th street Walmart Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ruger will be there with the group.

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