Campsite murder suspect claims ignorance of killings on video

Campsite murder suspect claims ignorance of killings on video

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A man accused of killing six people at an East Texas campsite pleaded ignorance about two of the victims' deaths on a recorded interview that was aired during the third day of his capital murder trial.

William Hudson, 35, is accused of murdering members of two families who were spending the weekend camping in Tennessee Colony. His trial is underway this week in Brazos County. KLTV news partner the Palestine Herald-Press is covering the trial.

On Friday, prosecutors played the recording of Hudson's initial interview with an investigator with the district attorney's office. Throughout the video, the Herald-Press reports, Hudson can be heard pleading ignorance of the deaths of Carl Johnson, 77, and his daughter, Hannah Johnson, 40.

"I just pulled someone out of the mud at about 5 or 6 or so. I liked them. I thought they were neat people," he said on the recording, referring to an incident earlier that day when he had reportedly helped the group pull their stuck vehicle from the mud.

The Herald-Press reports that Hudson seemed surprised on the video to learn that the Johnsons' bodies were later discovered at a campsite in Tennessee Colony.

When authorities accused Hudson of playing games with them, he denied the accusations.

"In the last several minutes of the recording, Hudson continually denied any knowledge of the murders, or having heard gunshots, or of how Johnson's car appeared in his driveway.  He reiterated that, though he could not remember Carl Johnson, or his wife Cindy Johnson's names, he liked the both," the Herald-Press reports.

During court Friday, the defense also had a chance to cross-examine.

The defense questioned Anderson County District Attorney Ryan Tolliver about his technique for questioning suspects.

Hudson faces three charges of capital murder and has pleaded not guilty to those charges. Tuesday, he withdrew a plea of insanity. The Anderson County District Attorney is seeking the death penalty.


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