Police investigating Gilmer Road pedestrian hit and run

Police investigating Gilmer Road pedestrian hit and run

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - East Texas police are looking for a vehicle with possible front end damage, after a man is killed after he was hit by a vehicle early Thursday morning in a hit and run incident.

Police say a passing motorist spotted a man's body lying on the grassy shoulder of the 400 block of Gilmer Road around 7 a.m. Thursday.

"About 7 this morning, one of our officers was in the area of 400 Gilmer Road and was notified by a citizen that there was a body laying next to the side of the road," says Longview police Sgt.Shane McCarter.

When an officer arrived, they confirmed it was the body of a 63-year-old man, identified as Joe Arthur Lee of Longview. Security video obtained by police shows the vehicle clipping Lee as it passes.

"At this time we're investigating it as a hit and run accident," McCarter says.

Police believe Lee was hit sometime around 8:50 Wednesday night. It's unknown whether Lee was still alive before he was found. But police say there is evidence at the scene which may tell them what vehicle was involved. Police are not sure whether the driver even knows they hit someone.

"Now whether that individual knows whether they struck a person or an animal, we don't know at this point," McCarter says.

All investigators have to go on right now is debris left from the suspect's vehicle, which they hope will pay off.

"We'll see if we can determine what vehicle make, model, what information that will give to us," McCarter says.

They're are asking anyone who was in the area at that time to contact them.

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