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"Does It Work"-8/2/05

Owl Magnifier: "Does It Work?"

Eyes not quite working like they used to? Do you have trouble reading especially small print? If that sounds like you, we may have found a product you'll want to slip into your wallet. It's called the Owl Credit Card Size Magnifier & Light. But first, it has to pass the "Does It Work?" test.

It's supposed to be perfect for everything from prescription labels, to those hard to read restaurant menus.

We created a menu out of the smallest print available on our computer word processor, Script MT Bold size 8. It's tiny on your screen but even smaller when you print it out.

The Owl has the same basic dimensions as a credit card, perhaps a little thicker, but it still fits like a charm in your billfold. There's a little switch on the bottom of the card. Press it and a little LED light on the backside of the card illuminates. It's a pretty good bit of light. Much of the card is the plastic magnifying lens.

We darkened the room and used the LED and the Owl's magnifier to read the tiny print on the menu. We were able to read every word without a problem. We passed the owl around to some folks who use reading glasses, and they loved it.

"Does It Work?" We give the Owl a yes. We paid $9.99 for the Owl at Linens 'N Things. It's also available at Walgreen's.

Joe Terrell, reporting. jterrell@kltv.com

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