Cowboys Sort Through Wide Receiver Depth

It's a match made in football heaven. Quarterback Drew Bledsoe and wide receiver Terry Glenn connected for nearly 5,000 passing yards when they played together in New England . Now, Bledsoe is throwing to one of his favorite receivers once again.

"From the first time I ever threw Terry a ball when he came in as a rookie," said Bledsoe, "I knew that he was a special guy form the standpoint of his explosiveness, his hands, his ability to play bigger then he is, also his knack for being in the right place at the right time. Terry to me physically looks better than he did in his first couple of years in New England . I'm very excited to throw to him again."

The question is, can Terry stay healthy? He's had only two seasons in his nine year career in which he's played in all 16 games. A healthy Glenn, equals a healthy passing game. Glenn stretching the field allows Keyshawn Johnson to showcase his catching ability underneath the coverage. And Keyshawn made it clear, he's ready to go in camp.

"IfIi had any problems they would have drafted a receiver," said Johnson.

The main competition will be for the number three spot, and there is several guys working hard, including a pair of second year guys in Patrick Crayton and Terrance Copper, who got thrown into the fire last year because of injuries.

"I expect Crayton and Copper to be not rookies anymore," said Parcells, "to have a greater understanding of what's going on and to make a contribution."

"He can't set any expectations as high as I set my own for myself," said Crayton.  "I put my expectations way up here. That's all I'm trying to do is meet them."

'I have expectations for (Quincy) Morgan to have, now, after being force-fed the system to become comfortable with the system and hopefully make a contribution," said Parcells.

Quincy morgan is doing just that, by staying after practice to catch balls. The fifth year receiver has long been considered a future star, but has yet to show he's ready to break out.

"I got more to prove than any man on this earth," said Morgan.  "Working hard on that so I can do it. Help the team win a super bowl."

There's not much room beyond those receivers, but don't tell that to Zuriel Smith, or Tom Crowder or Ahmad Merritt. There's tremendous speed and talent in that young trio, who are looking to make a mark as well on special teams. Once again, a deep pool of talent, that will do nothing but boost the Cowboys outlook.

"A lot of comepetition going on, which makes everybody better," said Merritt.  "Everybody is battling for spots, you know what I mean? So, there's nothing set in stone. Everybody's out there working hard, trying to get better so in turn we make each other better."

Merritt also may lay claim to the fastest man on the team, or on earth, if you ask him.  What's his 40 time?

"Four flat," Merritt says, only half joking.

Kevin Berns reporting.